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Psst… We’re Still at War

Posted in Middle East with tags , , on June 21, 2009 by Black Pumpkin

The House and Senate have now both passed bills that included funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It, of course, included funding for other things, but the bulk of the money goes to funding the two wars that we are still fighting.  I think it goes without saying that I oppose us being in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But I also understand that letting either (or both) of those countries continue on a path that leads to them becoming failed or rogue states is not in our best interests.  However, to think that our occupation of either country is going to help in our fight against terrorists is problematic.  We can’t hunt down and kill terrorists while we are creating more terrorists.  And that is exactly what is happening.  We need to get out of both countries and try a different tactic.

As Sporty Morty said in an earlier post, the way to truly fight terrorism is through education.  We are not only hurting ourselves by staying there, civilians are dying and being displaced because of our actions.  We may not hear about it on the nightly news because Iraq’s neighbor Iran has overshadowed just about everything else, but it seems that even before the conflagration in Iran we were perfectly happy to ignore Iraq.  And Afghanistan could certainly be called the Forgotten War.

After the election of Barack Obama, Afghanistan and Iraq have been allowed to slip down the memory hole because the economy is in such bad shape.  And the economy should be a focus because it affects so many people on a daily basis.  But let us not forget that people are dying every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And some of them are Americans.