About Black Pumpkin

First of all, my name is Iver.  And my nickname is Black Pumpkin for no discernible reason.  I am an atheist and a socialist.

I have been interested in politics and social issues for many years now.  It began in about 1991 with the first Gulf War.  That is when I realized that there was so much more going on in the world that the small things I was dealing with.  At the time, I was just entering high school.  I have been a political junkie ever since.

My main focus here will probably be in foreign policy and economics.  Those are the two topics that interest me the most.

One of my favorite quotes:

Religion is regarded by the common people as true; by the wise as false; and by the rulers as useful.
-Seneca the Younger, c. 5 BCE–65 CE


One Response to “About Black Pumpkin”

  1. Religion has its many cons, but it also has its pros. I’m not a religious person, meaning I don’t get my understanding of a supreme entity from someone else’s reading of a book. But I am very spiritual because, unlike you I guess, I just don’t have enough faith NOT to believe in something beyond flesh and blood.
    God bless you, brother :)

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