What One Can Find on Al-Jazeera

I found this great tidbit on the English version of Al-Jazeera under the title “US: Waking Up to Class Politics“:

“A CEO, a union worker and a Tea Partier (a member of the emerging right-wing political movement) are at a table with 12 cookies. The CEO takes 11 and says to the Tea Partier: “Keep an eye on that union guy, he wants your cookie.”

I think it’s great.

And the lesson: Revolution is the response to inequity. Now the question is what is the response to an anesthetized society that is more or less comfortable with the one cookie it gets?

I know. What the hell am I doing reading Al-Jazeera?


2 Responses to “What One Can Find on Al-Jazeera”

  1. Great article but you’re right… what the hell are you doing reading Al Jazeera? I thought you were sooo busy. I’m just giving you shit. I love Al Jazeera because they talk about stuff that you don’t hear from the American media. Why do you think Hillary Clinton praised them?

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