Not surprisingly, I have been thinking about revolutions.  Beginning with Tunisia and continuing throughout the Middle East and North Africa, we have seen a lot of political change.  Regimes have fallen, people are demanding more rights and elections.  It is really great to see the power of what people can do when they work together.

Also, it is interesting how the different revolutions are playing out in each country.  The revolts in Tunisia and Egypt have been relatively calm compared to the ones happening in Libya for example.  In Libya, the people have taken up arms and are now fighting against the army.  But in Egypt, the army just stood around for the most part.  Of course, if the army or even the police forces had wanted to they could have caused a lot of havoc by cracking down on the protests.  But for whatever reason (probably because they believed in what the protesters were doing) they just sat on the sidelines and allowed things to unfold.  It was quite something to see.

Unfortunately, in this country, we see people working together but still not getting what they want.  Of course, I am speaking about Wisconsin and the people’s fight to protect the collective bargaining rights of their unions.  The Democrats did what they could (they left the state) but the bill was still passed that took away the collective bargaining rights.  Hopefully they can use some form of direct democracy to get those rights back.


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