Casting doubt on Afghanistan policy

I have to say that I love McClatchy’s reporting.  Here is an article about a new GAO (the independent Government Accountability Office) report calling into question the efficacy of the new policy by the Obama administration toward Afghanistan.  And it includes a link to the report itself!  (I hate news reports that don’t include a link to the report itself.)

Obama wants to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan, from 87,000 currently to about 98,000 by the end of the summer.  And then he will supposedly call for a draw down of those troops next summer.  We will accomplish very little in terms of making the lives of the Afghan people any better no matter how many troops we have there.  And we can expect more innocent people to die and more resentment from Afghans and those around the Middle East (hell, around the world) for continuing the occupation.

We need to get out of Afghanistan (and Iraq).  And the sooner we do, the better we will all be.

And here is the GAO report.


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