Education by Pfizer

Pfizer admitted that it paid 4500 doctors $35 million to help promote its products.  They are simply trying to “educate” the doctors to better help their patients.  Yes, of course, Pfizer is simply thinking about the patients.  This is certainly not about their bottom line.  Right!

I think it’s a simple conflict of interest and it should be illegal.  But the new health care bill “will require drug companies to publicise how much they pay doctors for consulting and speaking arrangements, as well as meals and other perks.”  That’s a step in the right direction but look how well disclosure has worked for our political system.  We know who is paying our representatives, but to say that it has no effect on them is laughably disingenuous or naive.

As long as we know who is bribing whom then all is well.  What a great system!


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