Seven years on…

Believe it or not, but the Iraq War started 7 years ago today.  Actually it was the beginning of the occupation of Iraq.  Because in reality this was merely the continuation of the war that began in 1990.  That year, Iraq invaded Kuwait.  And the US, led by George Bush’s father, George H. W. Bush, defended Kuwait with an attack on Iraq.  But our combat forces left in 1991, less than 6 months after we went into Iraq.  Unfortunately for Iraq this was not the end of their problems.  As our ground forces left, we put two things in place: sanctions against Iraq (through the UN) that put major restrictions on what could be imported into Iraq and no-fly zones in the northern and southern areas of the country.  Iraq was divided into roughly thirds and the northern and southern third were patrolled by US and British air forces so that no aircraft were allowed to fly in those areas.  In addition, these sorties would attack Iraq’s air defenses in those regions.  This continued from 1991 until 2003.  On 19 March 2003, the US started its “Shock and Awe” campaign against Iraq.  And the invasion began.

This war was started under false pretenses and has caused hundreds of thousands of casualties.  We must not forget that US forces are still occupying Iraq.  They have moved out of the cities, but they have not left the country.  In February of 2009, Obama said that we would pull out by August of this year.  But even then, we will leave a “transitional force” of 50,000 troops to train Iraqis.  And these troops would leave sometime in 2011.

We have waited long enough.  The Iraqi people have suffered under occupation long enough.  It is time to bring the troops home now.

This weekend there will protests all over the country (and probably in other countries as well).  We need to get active and get involved.  We need to put pressure on the Obama administration and tell them that enough is enough.  We don’t see the embedded reporters anymore.  We don’t see the troops or the fighting, so it is easy to forget.  Not to mention that the little attention that we have for war has shifted to Afghanistan.  Until every single troop is out of Iraq we must not forget that we are occupying this country.

We need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The only thing we should be sending to Iraq and Afghanistan is aid.

Bring ALL the troops home NOW!

Time for rebirth of the antiwar movement (from Common Dreams)

ANSWER LA (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism – Los Angeles)

International Action Center

Join us!  Let the powers that be know that we haven’t forgotten.  Let them know that we won’t stop until they do.

Stop the Occupations!  Stop the Wars!


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