Capitalism Hits the Fan

Whatever you have to do, I implore you to watch this video.  Unfortunately, I could only find a really crappy version of the whole video here.  But this is definitely one video that everyone should see.  It is a lecture by Professor Richard Wolff about the economic crisis.  He explains in very clear, plain language why we are in this mess and why the policy prescriptions that are being offered will not fix the problem.  I caught it on Link TV.  I am not sure if they are going to show it again because according to the website it does not have any more air dates.  Perhaps we can all write to Link TV and tell them to show it more often.  It really should be seen far and wide.  And Link TV is an awesome resource anyway.

So support Link TV in whatever way you can and get your hands on this video however you can.  It is called “Capitalism Hits the Fan” and it was created by Media Education Foundation.

And if all else fails, here is a transcript of the lecture (in PDF).


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