Lobbying and Health Care

Who make the best lobbyists?

It may just be former aides to Senators and Representatives.  Not only do they know how Congress works and, of course, they know the members of Congress themselves, but they also probably know more about specific issues than the lawmakers themselves.  Because our representatives in Congress can’t possibly know everything about all the issues that they deal with, they have aides that help them do research and help to craft legislation.  And many of them specialize in certain areas of legislation.

So who better to lobby for your particular cause, in the case, health care reform?  And that is exactly what an analysis by Northwestern University’s Medill News Service, the Chicago Tribune, and the Center for Responsive Politics found.

Here is the article from the Chicago Tribune.  And there is even a place to search through their findings.  And I found this piece on the LA Times’ blog Top of the Ticket.

And you might be wondering how the health care companies feel about the passage of the health care reform bill in the Senate.  I think they’re pretty happy.  Go figure.


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