China Sending Prime Minister to Copenhagen

This one comes from the Guardian in the UK.  It seems that China is sending Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Copenhagen.  It has also released targets for the reduction of carbon emissions.  This is a most welcome development.  Earlier this week, Obama said that he would go to Copenhagen himself (there was some concern that he would send someone else in his stead) and I think this has moved the Chinese.

Some are questioning the fact that China is sending the Prime Minister instead of President Hu Jintao.  More than likely this is because Wen has headed a committee that has been dealing with climate change issues.

Of course, the targets that China has laid out are being challenged by some, particularly Europe, where it is felt that  reductions of at least 50 percent are needed.

Having both Obama and Wen at the table with real numbers and a plan to reduce their carbon emissions is certainly a step in the right direction.  Hopefully, they along with the other countries in attendance  can come up with a binding agreement that represents real change.  We are all on this ship called Earth together, and if we don’t act fast, climate change could be the hole that sinks us all.


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