Israel: America vs. the rest of the world

(This was supposed to go up on Wednesday, but WordPress was having some problems, so here it is, a few days late.)

A new report commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council has caused a lot of talk and discussion.  The UN is discussing whether they should endorse it or not.  And the US House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to reject it.  Of course, Israel has condemned the report as “one-sided” and “predetermined.”  However, several countries and the European Union have already endorsed the report which calls for more investigations by Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

I have just begun reading the report (it is over 500 pages, so bear with me), but one of the interesting things that I have already learned is the absolute lack of cooperation that the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict (hereafter, the Mission) got from Israel.  Not only would Israel not answer any of the questions posed by the Mission, but they would not even allow the members of the Mission to enter the country.  This, to me, speaks volumes.  It seems that Israel is acknowledging that things went wrong during their operation or that human rights were violated by the soldiers involved.  Of course, the Israelis will say that they didn’t cooperate because they knew what they outcome would be because the Mission was biased.  I don’t believe that at all.  In fact, the Mission found violations of human rights on both sides of the conflict.  But when you consider that 13 Israelis were killed and at least 100 times as many Palestinians were killed, to say that violations were found on both sides is a bit misleading. (The number of dead Palestinians is in dispute.  Israel puts the number at 1166.  While Gaza authorities place the number at 1444.  Other non-governmental sources estimate between 1387 and 1417 Palestinians were killed in that particular military operation.)  Whatever the number is it is many times more than the number of Israelis killed.  Obviously, this is not a numbers game and any number of people killed (regardless of what side of the conflict they are on) is too many, but the numbers do paint an interesting picture when Israel says that they are simply defending themselves from terrorists.

Here is a link to the full report.


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