Climate Change: America vs. the rest of the world

So the German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in front of a joint session of Congress to urge them to tackle climate change.  The Democrats in the both houses are trying to do just that.  Unfortunately, the Republicans are trying to delay and stop the legislation.  And it may be too little, too late.  However, I’m hoping it isn’t.  So here are some important links for more info on the bills in Congress as well as climate change in general (also there are links on the right in Section D).

Senate Bill 1733

House Bill 2454 (Summary)

The Climate Agenda: a special report from the Washington Post

A primer on the status of cap and trade around the world from the Council on Foreign Relations activists around the world


One Response to “Climate Change: America vs. the rest of the world”

  1. I’ve been way out of the loop recently. I don’t even know how the Senate climate legislation is doing. That’s the problem with having two part time jobs, a child, and very little childcare. I wish I had more time to post, but I guess you’ll just have to pick up the slack. Keep up the good work.

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