Say It Ain’t So!

I am not sure what we can do at this point (because writing to the Supreme Court is kinda like praying, no one is listening and even if they were, things probably wouldn’t change) but I had to share this with everyone.  There is a very interesting and important editorial in the New York Times that everyone needs to read.  It concerns the Supreme Court and corporate money.

Essentially the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments about a case that could make our electoral system much, much worse.  I have already talked about how much money there is in politics and how we won’t be able to really change anything until we get that money out.  But if the conservatives on the Court rule how we expect them to, then corporations (and unions) would be able to spend money with impunity.  They would be able to spend as much money as they saw fit from their own coffers to defeat legislation or candidates.  Even though unions would have the same power, clearly the corporations have waaaaaaay more money than the unions.

If the corporations are allowed to spend whatever the hell they want to, then we can kiss our democracy good-bye.  But this is not a done deal.  They have not ruled on it yet.  They will begin to hear arguments on Wed.  So we will have to wait and see how it turns out.

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