The “Other”

It is a tragic story.

A group of US soldiers gang-raped a 14-year-old girl and then killed her and her family.  Thankfully, those that committed the crimes have been sentenced to life in prison.  But is this something that should really surprise us?

We take young men and turn them into killers.  They need to be desensitized to the violence that they perpetrate.  If they can’t pull the trigger without a second thought then they will probably lose their lives and possible cost others their lives too.

The best way to ensure that these soldiers will do what they need to is to ensure that they do not think of those they are fighting as human beings.  They are the enemy, plain and simple.  I’m sure that some (perhaps most) think and talk about them in extremely derogatory terms.  When one doesn’t think of the “other” as equal is becomes easy to injure and kill it.

This is a case that the world found out about.  How many others cases are there that we know nothing about?


2 Responses to “The “Other””

  1. It is a truly tragic story. However, and I say this cringing, that you are right that this is exactly what is to be expected when you train/brainwash people to not think of the “other” (whichever other that might be) as human. We’ve known for too long that objectification of people facilitates committing violence against them as objects, not equals.
    Do we really need to teach this lessen? Is it that important? And what about when people come back home? Doesn’t the concept of objectified other still exist? This seems dangerous. I’m scared now.

  2. It is scary. I have seen several reports of soldiers coming back from the war zone and killing members of their families. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be in a situation like war, but I know that it would be extremely hard to come back to the US and be OK. These guys (and girls) need help. The absolute minimum that the government needs to do for them is get them some mental help.

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