Revelations of CIA Torture

Is torture passe by now?  Do you think the average American even cares if we tortured people or not?  I don’t know.  But it is important to find out exactly what happened because there are plenty of people around the world that care.  Not to mention that torture is illegal and immoral.  The US should never use torture and we must hold those responsible if we have found that they did indeed use torture on anyone at any time.

Obama has said that he wants to “look forward.”  In other words, I don’t want to deal with the war crimes that my predecessor and his administration committed.  Fortunately, Eric Holder does not feel exactly the same way.  He appointed a special investigator, Assistant US Attorney John Durham, to investigate the allegations of torture under the Bush Administration.  Unfortunately, those that actually did the torturing will not be prosecuted because they were merely following orders.  But if that also means that only those at the top of the food chain will be prosecuted, then I am fine with that.  We’ll have to wait and see…

However, the CIA did release a heavily redacted document that outlines some of the torture techniques and it shows that Washington was in control the whole time.  So if anyone wants to argue that these were bad apples or they were acting against orders, then they should read the Inspector General for the CIA’s report.  It’s pretty long, but with all the lines that are blacked out, it shouldn’t take long to read.


One Response to “Revelations of CIA Torture”

  1. Though it is fiction, anyone interested in the debate should check out the movie Five Fingers. It’s all well and good to criticize other nations that have used torture techniques. However, what kind of super-hypocrites are we when we perform the same crimes that we charge other countries with. Is it patriotism that blinds people from the obvious? I don’t understand.

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