Healthcare is a Right

Healthcare is, and should be considered, a right.  It should not be considered a privilege.

It is interesting how those that are attacking healthcare reform or the idea of universal healthcare have no problem with the government taking care of other things in their lives.  For instance, the military is government run.  So are the police and fire fighters.  We do not expect the government to stop doing these things.  If our house was on fire, we wouldn’t want to have to make sure that our fees were paid, we would just expect the fire department to show up and put out the fire.  If we get robbed, we want the police to find the culprits.  We are not expected to find them ourselves or have to hire a private investigator to do it for us.  There are certain things that the government handles, so that it is done efficiently and so that everyone has equal access to it.  Healthcare should be the same way.

Everyone should have access to healthcare regardless of how much money you have.  And the government should ensure that everyone does indeed have equal access.  Just as you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for the fire department to come to your house, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for a doctor when you get sick.  Everyone will need a doctor at some point in their lives, and everyone should be able to see one.  We would all be better off if everyone had access.


One Response to “Healthcare is a Right”

  1. fabulousbody4u Says:

    For me the vote is still out on whether or not healthcare is a right or privilege, but I know that we need to do something about the current system. It also seems to me that those opposed to healtchare reform fall into two categories. Those with something to lose if reform goes through. i.e., insurance and pharmecuetical companies. And the other group are people who attend town hall meetings who only listen to talk show hosts and Sarah Palin that give their version of what is in the healthcare proposals.

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