Journalists Freed!

I was hopeful when I read that former President Bill Clinton was going to North Korea to ask that the two journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, be freed.  But I didn’t want to get too hopeful until I read that they have actually been released.  So I am very glad that Clinton did what he did.

Even if they were treated well, they should never have been arrested and sentenced to 12 years hard labor.

Of course, not everyone is happy about their release.  John Bolton has decried Clinton’s visit even if he wasn’t explicitly saying that these two journalists were not worth it.  Perhaps Bolton thought it was a bad idea to try to get North Korea to release them because they were working for Current TV which was founded by Al Gore.  And of course, one of the Clintons got them released, so that has got to get under his skin.

More on John Bolton from Wikipedia.


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