Sarah Palin is a Moron (but they love her)

I have not really talked much about Sarah Palin because for the most part I think this is a non-issue.  But at the same time, there are plenty of people (according to polls, for what those are worth) that really like her and would probably vote for her.

I have to be honest, when Sarah Palin announced that she was resigning from the governorship of Alaska, I was taken aback.  It didn’t make any sense.  It didn’t make any political sense, and her reasons seemed like bullshit.  But at the same time, I didn’t really care.  However, the more I’ve thought about this, the more I like the decision.

One of two possible outcomes will occur.  Either she will leave the political scene altogether, or she will try to capitalize on her fame and make a run for the presidency.

If she is leaving the political scene for good, then we don’t have to worry about her nonsense views and cruel policies.  Clearly, as evidenced by her Washington Post op-ed, she has not gotten out of the game completely.  And it is quite possible that she is gearing up for a run at the Presidency in 2012.  I think it is a little early to be talking about that election (especially when we have another, non-presidential, election coming up in 2010) but if she feels that she needs to quit the gubernatorial game for the presidential game, then so be it.  In fact, more power to her.  I almost want her to run.  I want her to win the nomination for the Republican Party, so that Barack Obama can wipe the floor with her.

Can you imagine what a “debate” between Obama and Palin would be like?  It would be comedy of the highest order.  I don’t care how much coaching she got, it would be a disaster for her.  Say what you will about her, she is not very bright.  And it shows.  Just ask her a simple question, and watch her flounder.  The Katie Couric interview is a perfect example.  Lowball question after lowball question and she still couldn’t come up with decent answers.  She was not cut out for the political game.  It is that simple.  And that’s exactly why I want her to keep coming back.

If she were a Democrat (no matter what policies she supported), I would be horrified to have her anywhere near an election, much less an actual candidate.  But she’s not.  She’s a Republican.  And a really conservative one at that.  So I say, let her run in 2012.  And I hope the Republicans nominate her.  It doesn’t matter who her running mate is, she will be the nominee, and she will lose.  Badly.


2 Responses to “Sarah Palin is a Moron (but they love her)”

  1. I agree with you on both points: 1) Talking about the 2012 election right now is absurd, but plenty of folks in the media are doing it, especially in response to Palin’s op-ed piece. 2) Palin is not bright, or if she is, she does a very bad job of showing it. Obama probably would handily defeat her, and even more than that: she has the potential to divide the Republican party. I can see a very Libertarian-oriented opposition to her nomination. She may have the social conservatives in her corner, but my sense is that they didn’t help McCain very much in the last election.

  2. I agree that Palin didn’t seem to help McCain in ’08 and it may have even helped to cost him the election.

    One of the things that I really love about all this 2012 talk is the way that some people are contenders until they do something stupid. Ensign and Sanford were contenders until they were revealed to be degenerate sinners. Palin was a contender until she once-and-for-all revealed her lack of any intelligence. Romney is only a contender because the media will not say what we all know: he would be a contender if he wasn’t a Mormon.

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