Some Observations

I have been thinking about a few things lately.  Perhaps, some or all of this will seem patently obvious to people.  But it is just something that I have been thinking about.

Conservatives seem to loathe Nancy Pelosi and I know that much of that hate is simply because she is a Democrat but also because she’s a woman.  A woman who just happens to be the House Speaker.  And I think that those that used to have power can’t stand to see a woman in a position of power.  It seems that they feel emasculated simply because of her position of authority.

Similarly, I think that there is a lot of resentment for Obama being in office.  Racism is one of those things that most people acknowledge is wrong while at the same time practicing it in subtle ways.  It is a lot more polite than it used to be but it is still there, just under the surface.  Sometimes, it bubbles to the surface and someone slips up and says what they feel, but most of the time they try to be subtle about it.

For instance, check out this short clip from, where else, Fox News.


One Response to “Some Observations”

  1. Mort the Sport Says:

    Of course sexism and racism are alive and well in the US. These are founding principles of this country. Actually, they weren’t so much principles as unspoken laws. The phrase “all men are created equal” from the Declaration of Independence elides the fact that women were not counted and that black folks were considered less than human. In fact, if memory serves correctly, I’m pretty sure the “men” Jefferson is talking about are white, land-holding men. In other words, US citizenship has always had qualifications. Just because great strides have been made to combat sexism and racism, that doesn’t mean they’ve been completely (or even partially) stamped out.

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