China Has Muslims Too?

Yes, believe it or not, China has a segment of the population that is Muslim.  And they are now fighting against the Chinese government for religious freedom and an end to persecution.

Now, I am one who believes whole-heartedly that we should all abandon religion for a number of reasons.  (Someday I will write about that exclusively.)  But I think one of the basic freedoms that a citizen (of any country) must have is the freedom to believe whatever they want (as long as it doesn’t infringe on others rights, of course.)  So if people want to believe that Jesus is their personal lord and savior and he is one true way to Heaven, so be it.  Or perhaps they feel they must submit themselves to Allah.  Go for it.  I might argue that you are wrong, but I am not going to point a gun at you and tell to stop believing.  And unfortunately, that is what the Chinese government seems to do all too often.  Whether it is those that practice Falun Gong or the Uighers, the Chinese government feels that they should not believe any of it, and they are more than happy to use violence and repression to reach their goals.  Of course, it doesn’t often work.  It just drives these people underground.  And if you really want to get rid of religion, there are much better (and certainly less violent) ways to do it.  Try education, it works.

And, of course, Glenn Greenwald brings up a great point: What if the Uighers were Christians?


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