Not All Media Are Created Equal

It is funny (in that not so funny way) when I hear conservatives say that the media has a liberal bias.  This clearly not the case.  The media has plenty of biases but they are not usually clear cut between left and right.  Of course, there are some outlets that are liberal or conservative even when we are talking about the mainstream media.  Fox News is so clearly conservative that it is practically laughable (if it wasn’t so sad) that some still maintain that they are not biased.  MSNBC is starting to lean to the left.  With Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and now, Ed Shultz, I think there can be no question that they are trying to play the foil to Fox News.  And I think it’s working.  They do better than CNN pretty consistently in the ratings game, but they also do worse than Fox.  But Fox has been playing this game a lot longer.

And if you move away from television to other media outlets you will see varying degrees of bias one way or the other.  And more likely, if you don’t like a paper or the articles in it, then it is clearly biased, but if you like what they report, then they are fair.  And so it goes.  Especially since most conflate the news departments with the editorial departments.  I don’t have stats to say it is one or the other but I would imagine that you could find evidence for both.

All that being what it is, there is one media company that I found to be very worthwhile.  Whether that means that they must be biased in a leftward direction is debatable, but I know that they often have stories that are important and often are not being reported elsewhere.

I am referring to the McClatchy Company.  They have a number of different papers, but I often just go straight to what they call their Washington Bureau.

Today I found two stories that deserve a lot more attention.

One is about the new leadership in Honduras and how they are censoring journalists.

The other is about the troops in Afghanistan and they have new rules about how and when they can follow terrorists into civilian areas.


2 Responses to “Not All Media Are Created Equal”

  1. Pope of Walnut Says:

    Interesting. I’m not familiar with McClatchy. I agree that bias is an extremely subjective concept, and that people all too often can’t distinguish between news reports and editorials. I think it’s important not to allow oneself to get stuck in an “information ghetto,” as I’ve heard it referred to, like Fox News, MSNBC, AM talk radio, or any one or two sources that that filter and homogenize their content and act as legitimizing echo chambers. One of the things I like about Butter, Not Guns, is that the numerous links to various media sites are a reminder of the enormous variety of sources available. I have to admit, I get a lot of my news from relatively few sources (LA Times, The Nation, public radio) and I would definitely benefit from getting out of that box and diversifying my intake.

  2. Pope, I am glad that you have joined the ongoing conversation that we call Butter, Not Guns. I hope that you will take advantage of our links. And, of course, I hope that you decide to write something for us.

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