Iraq Withdrawal

So US forces have pulled out of Iraq.  Wait, that’s not right.  They just pulled out of the cities.  So they are still in the country and now are just a little further away but they are still there.  About 131,000 of them are still there.  Is it just me or is that 131,000 too many?

Don’t get wrong, I’m glad that the US is pulling back.  I understand that this is one step on the road to eventual complete withdrawal.  But it is moving very, very slowly.  I just wish we could move this process along a bit faster because we should not be there.  Period.

I know the arguments are that there is violence that is being caused by terrorists, and we need to stop the violence.  But the violence will be there whether we are there or not.  And it could be argued that some of the violence is a result of us being there in the first place. 

Of course, we shouldn’t just abandon Iraq and not look back.  We need to help the government get on its feet.  We need to do more to build the civilian infrastructure.  But that should be done by the Iraqis.  There are plenty of Iraqis that are unemployed that would be glad to build hospitals or schools.  And if Iraq can get back on stable footing then they will have a much better chance of taking care of the terrorists.  And it will not be militarily.  The military should play a role, but education should play a much bigger role.

Iraq needs a lot of help, but keeping our forces there is not the help they need.


One Response to “Iraq Withdrawal”

  1. Mort the Sport Says:

    It almost goes without saying that I echo these sentiments completely. War is not the answer, especially when the question was a lie. I’m also a bit bummed that there are still major offensives going on in Afghanistan.

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