The House Climate Bill Passed!

As you may have already heard, the American Clean Energy and Security Act passed in the House today by a narrow margin: 219-212. (BP: To see how your Representative voted click here.) Even though it’s been watered down already by various members of the House (like the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee), I am happy that it passed. I like the comments of Grist’s David Roberts. He sees ACES as one piece of the energy-climate-environment puzzle. He suggests that we can’t expect Congress to spark a full-scale energy revolution with one piece of legislation. Some folks are not as sanguine about the success of the bill’s passage.

My hope is that this vote represents a first step in a movement toward cleaner energy and less carbon dioxide in the air. I hope that this bill and the stimulus package passed earlier this year will spur the creation of many green-collar jobs so that we can solve the economic problem by getting this country off of its dependency on foreign oil.

Now the bill moves on to the Senate, and so do the environmental activists who want to strengthen the bill before it becomes law.

Click here to find your Senator to ask him or her to strengthen the bill when discussion begins after the recess.


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