Look Who’s Gettin’ Wonky? (Part 2)

I’ve been following the American Clean Energy and Security Act (aka ACES, the Waxman-Markey Bill, H.R. 2454). You can read my previous post on it. The bill introduces a cap-and-trade system and a renewable electricity standard, and it will help modernize the electric grid, among other features. It has gotten out of committee, but it has yet to make it to a floor vote. ACES definitely has its detractors, from the right and the left. Republicans claim it will cost too much money, which is always their argument against pro-environment legislation. They’d rather melt the ice caps than impede big business in its pursuit of profit. But I digress. Some environmentalists claim ACES does not go far enough.

I actually agree that it should go further, but I strongly support it because we need to get the ball rolling on curbing climate change, and sometimes we have to take baby steps to do so. My hope–and I’ll admit this is a naive hope–is that an open letter sent by climate scientists and experts to the president and members of Congress will help to get the bill passed. Interestingly enough, some activists are planning to start a flash mob in the House cafeteria (I suppose to raise awareness of the bill), but the instructions for creating the mob itself don’t seem to me to send a clear message to legislators. It’s seems equally about the lulz.

I strongly urge any wayfarer who happens upon this blog to write or email his or her representative in the House to vote in favor of this important legislation. Here’s a link to use to find your representative which includes some talking points.


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