Morty’s Question of the Week (#1)

This is an ongoing “column” that I’d like to inaugurate here and continue into the future. Each week I will pose a question to the other two members of BNG. If you (Pope and BP) want to respond to the question, please generate a new post.

The back story: While I attended a Father’s Day BBQ in beautiful Temple City, California, a brief political discussion erupted. (I chose not to participate.) As I listened in from afar (while I was busy playing with my daughter on the backyard lawn), I heard this statement (or something close to it): “We don’t really need unions anymore because all the things they did in the past are now provided by labor laws: the work week, minimum wage, workmen’s comp, etc.”

Question: Are there benefits that unions provide that labor laws don’t provide? If so, what are they?

Ok. It’s really two questions.


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