War with North Korea?

It seems that quite a bit has been happening while I was vacationing in Kings Canyon. (I had a great time, hiking, staring up at immense trees–the treehugger in me felt all warm and fuzzy inside [and outside].) Stepping back into BNG, I feel as if I’m trying to jump onto a moving bus. It’s almost unimaginable that more could be going on in the world of foreign policy. Several situations are going to blow up, have blown up, or are steadily deteriorating. But there’s one story that stands out. Never mind the problems with the elections in Iran; never mind the Netanyahu’s administration unwillingness to give an inch. These developments pale in comparison to the big news that North Korea plans to test one of its long range missiles on a US state or territory. Are the North Koreans crazy? Or is this exactly the right time for them to strike? The US can ill afford to enter into yet another war, but if North Korea openly attacks us, I don’t think Obama will stand by and do nothing. The thought of another war is unsettling. North Korea’s truculent response to UN Security Council Resolution 1874 is frightening. It’s like we’ve backed a rabid alley cat into a corner, and it intends to gouge our eyes out with infected claws. North Korea doesn’t really have that kind of capability, but they do seem to have the potential to provoke the US into some sort of military response. The US military is already gearing up to go into action should North Korean shoot so much as an arrow in our direction. Then there’s the added worry that a missile could get by our defenses. What if said missile has an active warhead with some atomic capability? Am I just fantasizing at this point, or is this a very real possibility? It seems that North Korea has very few options, or they would be considering another course of action. The question is, will they fire a warning shot, as it were, or will they try to do some real damage?


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