Conversations with History

In an effort to save some money (and watch less TV), we got rid of our satellite television subscription.  Most of the crap on TV, I won’t miss.  But there was one channel (actually there were a few) that I really enjoyed.  It was a channel of programming created by the University of California.  So in an effort, not to miss the show that I really enjoyed, Conversations with History, I looked online to see if they had videos of it there.  As with so much on TV these days, it was indeed online.  So I can watch live streaming UCTV or just the episodes of the shows that I like.  I am not telling you all this just to brag about watching television or to tell you that I’m a nerd or whatever.  I am telling you this because the show Conversations with History should be watched by any poli-nerd (that’s shorthand for a political nerd) worth his/her salt. It is basically an interview with an author or professor (usually both) with a historical perspective of something going on today.  If that sounds boring, you are obviously not a poli-nerd (and I thought you were cool… oh well).

Some of the other channels I enjoyed are LinkTV and Free Speech TV (both of these channels carried Democracy Now!)


One Response to “Conversations with History”

  1. Mort the Sport Says:

    Cool. Thanks for this. We aren’t using our TV at all anymore (it’s in the garage), so these sites will be helpful. YouTube only has so much.

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