Capitalism Rant

While we are ranting, I thought I would do a little myself.

Obama the “socialist” and his Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, who used to work on (gasp!) Wall St., have decided not to cap executives pay.  Far be it from them to actually change something in the way that companies are run.  Maybe there is no way that we can prevent the boom and bust cycle since we seem dedicated to capitalism no matter what.  But maybe we can just do something because it will actually help people.

Here is my proposal: The guys that run these companies should have their pay capped.  I am not just talking about the Fortune 500 companies either.  I am talking about any company that incorporates or any company with more than 50 employees.  I think that this should apply to pretty much every company in the US and preferably in the whole damn world.  But let’s start small and say the US.  Now, of course, we can’t put a cap that says you can only make 1 million a year or something like that.  It’s not really realistic because some executives make way more than that now, and some don’t even make that much.  So how would we cap their pay?  Easy, by ratio.

Let’s say that no one in a company can make more than 50 times what the lowest paid worker makes.  Just imagine if the lowest paid worker (let’s just say a janitor) makes 10 dollars an hour.  That means that the CEO can make 500 dollars an hour.  And if you don’t think that’s fair, you make too much damn money.  Face it.  I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine making $500/hour.  I don’t care what I am doing or what kind of degree I have.  It’s just ridiculous.  And let’s just say that the CEO decides that $500/hour isn’t enough; he wants to make $1000/hour.  So he would just have to raise the janitor’s pay to $20/hour.  So the janitor gets a living wage and the CEO gets way more than he deserves.  But at least the janitor can send his kids to college now or pay for his mother’s healthcare or whatever.   And the CEO gets to buy an even bigger yacht, or his 10th house or an even higher class hooker, whatever his greedy little black heart desires.  Everyone wins.

In a country where some people have more money than they can possibly spend in an entire lifetime and others are do not even have a place to live, we need some way, somehow to make this system more equitable.  I can think of any number of reasons why we need to do this, but the simplest is that it is the right thing to do.


2 Responses to “Capitalism Rant”

  1. This sounds like a very reasonable (and effective) idea. And if capitalism functions on consumerism, than the lower paid (but now higher paid) employees will also be able to contribute to our treasured capitalism since they will have more funds to spare (or any!).
    And if they spend more money on blenders or whatever other arbitrary things we all need, they will be contributing to the ratio-balanced salary of everyone in the company that sells the arbitrary things he/she might purchase. (Though I truly believe college tuition and healthcare take priority, I imagine that if someone’s salary were to hypothetically boast from $10-$20 hourly – while this person is already accustomed to living off of a $10 hourly salary some “things that I always wanted” purchases would be made in addition to coming closer to fulfilling basic needs.
    Yes, I support this idea. How do we get it on a bill. I’m writing a letter to my congressperson!
    (But, please correct me if I’m wrong…this is just my interpretation of the ideas presented.)

  2. Yes, Sarah, this is exactly how it is supposed to work. To keep this capitalist machine running we need people to keep buying shit. It is really unfortunate since we only have so much stuff on the earth. Not to mention that when we make this stuff, it usually creates waste in the form of pollution of one sort or another. But this is the system we have and will probably continue to have for a long time to come. However, that is not to say that giving the little guy a little more so he can buy more is necessarily a bad thing. There are plenty of things that are needed and are not just things that he wants. Hell, a good percentage (I don’t remember if it is a majority) of bankruptcies are caused by medical bills, so clearly some people need more money just to get the things they need.

    Also, thanks for stopping by and leaving a little note (or two). We appreciate it. Keep coming back, hopefully you will find other ideas that you like.

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