Practically the Definition of Irony

I find it ridiculously ironic that Shell is going to pay the Wiwa family $15.5 million, but it refuses to admit any wrongdoing. I spotted this Wikipedia article after talking to Black Pumpkin. (BP, I would not have noticed it had you not told me about the case beforehand.) Here’s the NY Times piece. This settlement is absurd. It’s like saying, “Here, I’ll pay for your totaled car, but the accident wasn’t my fault.” I wonder how the folks at Shell can honestly claim that this was simply a “gesture of sympathy.” If it is, it’s a pretty expensive gesture.


One Response to “Practically the Definition of Irony”

  1. If it were truly a “gesture of sympathy” it would have come years ago. Ken Saro-Wiwa and the other activists were murdered in 1995. But Shell hasn’t felt sympathy until now?

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