Look Who’s Gettin’ Wonky!

In environmentalist circles, one hot topic is the Waxman-Markey Bill. It’s a bill that attempts to create a comprehensive energy policy while creating a cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emissions. Environmentalists are already arguing that it’s not a strong enough bill. However, it does have the support of the Union of Concerned Scientists, of which I am a member. If nothing else, the new climate legislation carries some symbolic weight. China and India need to see that we are taking global climate change seriously. If we do nothing, we risk giving them signals that it’s okay to do the same. China has just surpassed the US in terms of automobile purchasing, and their population is industrializing at an alarming rate. Though this bill has its detractors (from multiple fronts), I hope it passes. Unfortunately, there are already signs that the bill is getting hung up in the House. I hate how members of Congress from agricultural states are looking to protect economic interests (e.g., corn-based ethanol production in the Midwest) at the expense of policy that would really help avert the worst of global climate change.


4 Responses to “Look Who’s Gettin’ Wonky!”

  1. First of all, I certainly didn’t expect this project to turn out the way it has. I am very happily surprised by what has happened though. When you said that you were slowly converting to political-junkyism, I was a little skeptical, to be honest. But I am a believer now. I very happy believer.

    Now, I have not read Waxman-Markey but I will have to check it out. Hopefully it will be somewhat understandable to the layman because I like to pretend that I am a true wonk, but really I am just a weekend wonk.

  2. Mort the Sport Says:

    I’ll tell you what is happening re: my wonkiness. It’s the perfect storm. I’ve just finished a hellish semester, and for the first time since I had regular work, I’m taking the summer off. I now have time to be a wonk (but only partially). I haven’t read Waxman-Markey. I’ve only read articles about it. I haven’t found anything with too many specifics, either. I have read that it’s being watered down worse than a mixed drink at TGI Fridays. (Probably a lame metaphor considering I’ve never had a mixed drink at a bar in my life.) Anyway, the bill itself is huge. At last count, I think, it’s like 900 pages, so good luck reading it. How the hell would you find a copy of it anyway? If I were a true wonk, I would know the answer to this question. I’m not anywhere near being a wonk. I’m a wannabe-wonk. A wonkabee?

  3. Mort the Sport Says:

    One more thing: I won’t be posting for at least three or four days because I’m going to Sequoia with my father-in-law, so you’ll have to pick up the slack.

    • The funny thing is that I know of not one, but two places where you would find the text to Waxman-Markey (or any other bill) and I know that one of those is head and shoulders above the other (in my humble opinion). If it is really 900 pages, I will probably just skim it to see if there is anything glaringly obvious that will point to its worth (or lack thereof).

      Talk about a minority: not a wonk, but a wannabe wonk. I think there are more people in the Flat Earth Society than wannabe wonks.

      As far as you going to Sequoia, have fun. I sorta wish I could go, but I think your father-in-law may make you walk until you bleed, so good luck. And as to picking up the slack, I will try but it will be difficult because I didn’t realize that the perfect storm had hit, so I have a lot of slack to pick up.

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