North Korean “Diplomacy”

MTS brings up a good point in his comment to a previous post about North Korea jailing two journalists.  I certainly hope I am wrong about this but it seems that North Korea keeps upping the ante in their “diplomatic relations” with the rest of the world, especially the US.  They test fire missiles, conduct nuclear weapons tests and even renounced the armistice between themselves and South Korea.  Now, they are basically holding two journalist (and possibly forcing them into some kind of work camps) for essentially nothing more than trespassing.  The real reason they are being held may have more to do with trying to get something from the US in the way of concessions at the bargaining table, if they ever sit down to talk again.

I sincerely believe that whether we go back to six-party talks or even one-on-one talks, we need to talk to North Korea.  It is all too clear that attacking them directly would be a huge mistake, but I don’t think anything will change unless we begin more dialogue with them.  And with the Kim Jong-Il naming his son as his successor, this seems to be a time ripe for just this sort of thing.

What we don’t need is threats from the US.


One Response to “North Korean “Diplomacy””

  1. Mort the Sport Says:

    These two women are definitely political pawns. I don’t think North Korea has any other reason for jailing them. Since North Korea does not have normal relations with the US, they have to resort to unconscionable tactics like these. Also, I agree that we don’t want threaten them. But with a country as cut off (and standoffish) as North Korea, diplomacy becomes extremely difficult.

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