Still Credulous

This post is a response to the comment to my previous post about Obama’s citizenship.

With all due respect, your argument has no merit. First, you mention some nebulous term like “long-form vault copy.” This is an utterly ludicrous idea in and of itself. It suggests there are two kinds of birth certificates. There aren’t. Second, ask yourself this question: If Obama is not a citizen, why has there been no outcry from any Republicans with a shred of credibility? Unfortunately, you’ve been duped by whatever media you’ve been uncritically consuming. State officials from Hawaii have confirmed that the birth certificate is authentic. In addition, every suit that has been made about Obama’s citizenship has been thrown out. Why do so many judges believe that Obama is an American citizen? Hmm… It could have to do with the fact that he is one. You don’t have a shred of evidence to prove your point. It’s baseless.

Moreover, your poor word choice (as in the made-up word “assimulate”) and bad spelling weaken your credibility because they make your appear uneducated. You may want to consult a dictionary before you submit any more posts to this site.

UPDATE: It turns out that there are two different forms of birth certificates, so, technically, I was wrong on that point. After I did some additional research, I found out that the birth certificate that has been published by the Obama campaign is a so-called “short form.” However, this does not invalidate either of the other points I raised. In addition to the aforementioned Hawaii state officials, researchers at viewed Obama’s birth certificate, and came to the conclusion that all was in order. The claim that Obama is not a citizen still lacks merit. Here’s the Wikipedia article on the controversy.


2 Responses to “Still Credulous”

  1. Perhaps you might have wanted to make this another comment (in reply to Jetx) but with the smackdown that you gave him/her, I can see why you would want it as another post.

  2. Mort the Sport Says:

    Exactly. I wanted the smackdown to stand out.

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