Why Are People So Credulous?

I just read a really funny/sad article at Salon.com. It’s about all the myths that still persist about President Obama. I find it sad that some people still doubt his citizenship. It’s a bit like people who still believe the world is flat. Obama has even posted a copy of his birth certificate here to debunk the persisting myth. What is it going to take to convince these people?


2 Responses to “Why Are People So Credulous?”

  1. Puhleese, I certainly hope you’re not stupid enough to buy such a lame argument against Obama not being a natural-born citizen.

    He did not provide a long-form vault copy of his birth certificate to the Federal Election Commission. All the other Candidates did – Hillary, McCain – they all have.

    Obama only posted a photoshopped image of a birth certificate. Anyone can forge a certicate in only 5 minutes. Want to see this done, right in front of your eyes? Take a look at this, a Certificate of Live Birth is created in only 5 minutes in Photo-shop using a template. It looks identical to the one Obama posted.

    Do some research, open your eyes: See this video – 5 minutes. It is the top-left video on the page:

    To assimulate the world is flat with those who know it is a forgery is beyond rediculous, and only shows the stupidity of whoever is trying to promote such a lame argument.

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