Sotomayor – is the Right right?

Well, the Right has been busy attacking Sonia Sotomayor in ways that I never thought we would see in this day and age. But the Right never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately, it seems that they have taken one phrase or one ruling (or what they imagine that ruling to be) and made a judgment about her without looking more deeply at the cases she has ruled on.

Here (from SCOTUSblog) is an interesting case study involving her rulings on race and discrimination.

Sonia Sotomayor on Wikipedia and on Huffington Post


One Response to “Sotomayor – is the Right right?”

  1. Mort the Sport Says:

    I read the entry on the SCOTUSblog. It’s nice to see that someone is actually doing research, and then constructing an argument about Sotomayor rather than resorting to racism (Gingrich, Limbaugh) and spurious attacks on her intelligence (Rosen). I can’t find an article that I read recently about this issue, but it basically shows that Gingrich was apparently only quoting part of her speech to claim she is a racist. Her comments about being a “wise Latina” were in direct response to the issue of discrimination, a topic that she probably had some experience with. Also, Gingrich is now apparently splitting hairs and calling her a “racialist,” whatever that means.

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